Ready, steady … BAKE!

We’ve been so busy this term we haven’t had time to update the blog yet, but here is a sneak preview of some photos from our recent ‘Great Brownie Bake Off’ sleepover …


Something exciting has arrived…

In anticipation of our sports day which is part of our 162 Brownies Commonwealth Games Challenge badge, some brand new equipment has arrived…

Our new sports equipment

Left: The boxes took up quite a lot of room! | Bottom: The equipment all laid out | Top: All packed away

Can you see what sports we’ll be doing?

Check back soon and we’ll update you on how we got on!

A year of fun …

It’s been a special year as we celebrated 100 years of Brownies with a year of Big Brownie Birthday fun. Cue lots of exciting events and trips – including taking over the National Museum of Scotland for a Big Brownies Birthday Star Quest evening, meeting Brownies from all over Scotland to celebrate with a Fun Day in Perthshire and a Birthday Camp in Peeblesshire. We also completed the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge badge by having a cup of tea in Morningside’s Wild West, learning about Brownies through the ages and having our own Big Brownie Birthday Party with a Fairytale theme.

We’ve also been completing a special 162 Brownies Commonwealth Games Challenge thanks to a grant from the Big Lottery Fund. We’ve tried lots of different sports and activities including fencing, climbing, horse riding, ballroom dancing and hula hooping and will be using our brand new sports equipment to hold a special sports day in August. We also did our part for the ‘real’ Commonwealth Games by designing posters for the athlete’s village.

In between all of that, we managed to squeeze in a trip ‘Around the World’ for our sleepover, a visit to Ashley Court Nursing Home to spread some Christmas caroling cheer, a night of Indian dance and culture, our very own Talent Show and an unsurprisingly popular night making chocolate pizzas … phew!

We’re always looking for helpers so whether you have a skill you’d like to share with us or you want to get involved more permanently, please get in touch.

Chocolate Pizza Night

For our last night this term, we decided to do something fun.  All our Brownies (and leaders!) love pizza and chocolate so we thought we would combine the two and make chocolate pizzas!

Each Brownie got a slice of pizza base, she then spread it with chocolate spread (much like you would with a tomato sauce if making normal pizza) and then added her choice of banana, strawberries, marshmallows and grated white chocolate.

We popped them into the oven for just 5-10 minutes at 180° (just enough for the marshmallows to melt) and they came out looking delicious…

chocolate pizzas

Enjoying our chocolate pizzas

…and they tasted delicious too!

That’s us finished for the term but keep checking as we’ll be posting over the summer too 🙂

Father’s Day Craft in the Sun

We had two special guests at Brownies for this craft – Rachel, the church link coordinator between us and the church we meet in, and Little Owl, a leader from another Brownie unit who came to do a special craft with us.

It was a lovely evening so we took our craft supplies outside and made amazing origami Father’s Day cards out in the garden.

Following the instructions here, we started with an A4 piece of paper and it was just a few simple steps to make it look like a shirt.  Then we used these instructions and with a square piece of paper, we made a few folds to make the tie.  Once the tie was attached to the shirt, it was just a case of writing a message and decorating.

Making our cards

Folding our cards into shirts, adding the tie and then a personal message and decorating.

Thanks to both Rachel and Little Owl for lending a hand and helping us out!

Big Brownie Birthday Fun Day

The sun was shining when the 162 Brownies joined over a thousand other Brownies from across Scotland for a day of fun in Perth to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday.

When we got off the coach and arrived on site, we could hardly wait to get started on the inflatables…there were so many!


Inflatable Fun

There were also other activities to try such as zumba, an army assault course and of course lego!

Fun Activities

Zumba, assault course and lego

We were almost bounced out when it was time for the campfire. However, the sunshine finally stopped and the rain started so we had a sing song inside a marquee before a quick dash to the coach.

Thanks to everyone who organised such a great event for so many Brownies!  Definitely a day to remember.


Once Upon a Time….

There was a beautiful Brownie leader called Squirrel.  She was loved by all the Brownies and leaders in the Kingdom of 162 Brownies.


One day, a spell was cast and Squirrel was given a wonderful new job in Perth, a Kingdom far far away.  This meant she would have to leave the Kingdom of 162 Brownies which made everyone sad.

To give Squirrel a good send off and to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday, everyone in the Kingdom decided to throw a great party.  Everyone dressed up and characters such as Snow White, Humpty Dumpty and Glinda the good witch all attended.

There were games, face and hand painting, dancing . . .ImageImage

. . .  and of course, cake was eaten!

Everyone in the Kingdom had a great time and hopes Squirrel lives happily every after (although she’ll keep in touch so it’s not good bye forever!).

The End.